Take a fresh look at finance: finance with a social imperative

What we do

Kirkman provides advice and support in social finance and also undertakes projects as a principal. Everything we do is guided by a social impact imperative, so we don’t work with businesses or investors that don’t share our values.

How we do it

We have a core team of practitioners and are able to add to it from our extensive network to suit the requirements of different clients. In addition, we have good insight into the best commercial partners for specific projects as well as connections at the level of policy and standards formation.

Why this matters

The misallocation of capital to industries which continue to pollute the environment and prevent the transition to a stable climate is a global problem. We all need to know how we can make investment decisions which will by contrast benefit the planet and the places where we live.

What you do next

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If you are just starting to think about how your business can positively impact society as well as its shareholders then we can help you. If you are an investor who values impact then we can help you. If you are an adviser looking for introductions to this new sector then we can help you too: just drop us a line. In certain cases, we undertake project work as principals and we are always keen to hear from like-minded folk.

WHAT IS Sustainable FINANCE?

Within the framework of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, sustainable finance can be project development, project finance, debt and equity capital. Sustainable finance should always be transparent and accountable alongside its positive impact.

Sustainable Development

The Sustainable Development Goals represent a common global strategy to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all.  We at Kirkman are committed to this framework and its success placing its values at the core of our business.

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